Rodeo Committee

Standing L to R;
Clay Ryon McKinney, Chris Martinez, Trey Allgood, Scott Williams, Doyce Gaspard, Hugh Box, Louis Lara, Kyle Hartman, Peter Rodriguez, Jamie Morales, Jake McKinney and Randel Barmore.
Sitting L to R;
Jodie Gulihur, Andrea Jacquez, , Amy  Williams, Gail Box, Maria Jaco, Rebecca, Hartman, Brenda McKinney and Emily McKinney.
Absent members include Joe Keese, Faye Lease, Kris Terrazas, Brent Jaco, Ysack Flores, Tony Fisher and Anthony Fisher.

Clay Ryon McKinney
Chris Martinez
Trey Allgood
Scott Williams
Doyce Gaspard
Hugh Box
Louis Lara
Kyle Hartman
Peter Rodriguez
Jamie Morales
Jake McKinney
Randel Barmore
Jodie Gulihur
Andrea Jacquez
Amy  Williams
Gail Box
Maria Jaco
Rebecca Hartman
Brenda McKinney
Emily McKinney
Joe Keese
Faye Lease
Kris Terrazas
Brent Jaco
Ysack Flores
Tony Fisher
Anthony Fisher


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