Team Roping PRCA & West of The Pecos Team Roping Classic

Ever heard the phrase, “Great things come in pairs?” That statement holds when you’re talking about team roping. This event requires two cowboys to work together.

The first cowboy, known as the “header,” ropes the steer either by the horns, around the neck, or “half head” (by one horn and the neck). After the catch is made, the header wraps his rope around the saddle horn and turns the steer in an arc to the left.

The second cowboy, the “heeler,” trails beside the steer until the header turns the steer. He moves in behind the steer and tries to rope the back feet. If he manages only one hind foot, the team receives a five-second penalty. The clock stops when both cowboys’ horses face each other.

West of the Pecos Rodeo, a Team Roping competition i a local event. Cowboys who aren’t members of the PRCA are invited to participate. For more information, call 800-588-2855.

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